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BQ - French Kitchen & Bar

Celebrating the rich culinary heritage of France, BQ infuses a contemporary charm into the French Kitchen & Bar. It honours France’s deeply rooted gastronomic traditions by featuring dishes from several regions and compiles the best flavours in a single menu.

BQ Bar & Lounge

The bar and lounge are meant to encourage people-watching and mingling, creating a buzz of energy that complements the inspired cuisine. BQ Bar will be both comforting and energizing—the social center of the restaurant.

BQ Dining Room

BQ - French Kitchen & Bar Dubai: Versailles Reborn, evokes memories of classic European restaurants, modernized for today's palates and sensibilities. Rooted in a tradition that
makes up an integral part of daily life in France, the décor and menu comforts diners with updated classical warmth. 
A comfortably sophisticated dining room with extensive menu sections ranging from small plates to luxurious classic brasserie entrees.  Featuring the best quality ingredients and unique favour combinations, which dazzle guests


For an extended stay in the comfortable environment, Patisserie is the ideal place to read the day’s paper with espresso and pastry in hand, relax and watch people go by, or entertain a lunch with your friends or work colleagues featuring inventive French sweet or savory items.

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